Gareth Buglass

Gareth Gareth Buglass

Field Tester

Hi I’m Gaz 32 years old

Been fishing since I was 8 and Carp Angling now for over 15 years, met many a great friend in that time and the obsession has always kept my brothers and myself very close, I spend most weekends on a lake somewhere but usually my local syndicate on Embryo’s South Ings Lane. Fished all over the country and abroad on various occasions, on both small intimate lakes and big lakes.

Been very impressed with the Viper Tackle range I’ve been using recently, the hook quality is flawless, my personal favorite is the Size 4 Crank Offset fished with a 360 Bait Screw on a Ronnie Rig Swivel.

UK PB : 26.8lb Common

French PB : 47.8lb Mirror

Spanish PB: 27.8lb Mirror