Hinge Stiff Rig

The Hinge Stiff Rig

Created by:

Damian Jones @ Viper Tackle


I’m a fan of the hinge stiff rig, but I like to combine old fashioned with a modern twist

Materials include, amnesia in 15lb clear, a viper choddy hook in either a size 4 or 6, depending on size of hook baits I use, a small swivel and viper coated braid.



Firstly, I tie a figure of eight loop knot to allow some free movement for the swivel on the bottom, and a figure of eight loop knot for the end which attaches to the lead clip



Then I take a small section of coated braid and fold the sections over to form a even sided loop , which will be placed through the eye of the hook , once the section is through the hook I place a bait screw , plastic or metal onto the braid and then open the loop to allow it to pass over the point of the hook, at this point I will form a loop on the back of the hook and the braid placed on the section where the barb would otherwise be, “my syndicate is barbless only ”


Now the two sections of braid can be tied onto the swivel in a standard blood knot fashion, the beauty of this rig is when the hook is blunt it can simply be removed and a new hook placed onto the braid


This is not the normal hinge stiff rig as 15lb amnesia is not mega stiff , but I use this rig for stalking carp close to the margins in the summer when there is that horrible blanket weed drifting along the bottom where I can watch the carp come and pick up the baits or if I need to reposition my bait due to the weed.



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