Multi Rig

The Multi Rig

Created by:

Luke Anderson @ Viper Tackle




Items Required:

  • Length of Coated Braid

  • Choddy Hook

  • Bait Screw

  • Anti Tangle Sleeve


Step 1 – Tie a figure of 8 knot at one end


Step 2 – Thread on the anti tangle sleeve


Step 3 – Tie a larger figure of 8 knot on the other end of braid


Step 4 – Insert the bigger loop threw the front of the hook eye


Step 5 – Thread the knot through the bait screw


Step 6 – Place the loop of the knot over the point of the hook and pull around the hook to create the ‘D’



Completed Rig

Added benefit: Ability to replace hook quickly without having to replace braid and bait screw




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